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Lady Buddha

I believePhoto on 11-23-12 at 11.20 AM in the power of love. No, seriously. That’s really how I’m starting this thing off (and it’s  true!). Generally, I come off as the most reserved one in this trio, but I love life and all that comes with it.

I’m many things, but mostly I’m a writer, teacher, feminist and sun goddess. As a Georgia peach, I’m a proud member of Team G.R.I.T.S., but every few years I’ll find myself living across the border, soaking up the Florida sunshine.

I run a few miles most mornings, weather permitting, and I dance casino salsa when my schedule allows. Lady Buddha has been my online persona for over a decade. I started using it shortly after I began practicing Nichiren Buddhism.  I’ve held on to it all these years because Buddhism equals daily life, and the philosophy infuses everything I do.

Read some of my musings over at cocostudio or follow me on Twitter at @ndcharp.


Ms. Smart

Wine FestivalI am an occasional blogger living a semi-charmed life in the
DC metropolitan area.  I enjoy:

  • Short walks.  Walks to my car absolutely count!
  • Long naps.   Naps decrease crime.
  • Not-really-roughing-it Camping.  That’s right, your girl camps, can pitch a tent (minds o
    ut of the gutter), and start a fire.
  • Crafting. You can catch her with no less than four incomplete projects tucked away.  They all eventually make it to completion and are fabulous.
  • Favorite Color:  ‘Shiny’  When in doubt, bedazzle it out!  I spent twelve years in Detroit.  How can I not like tacky things?
  • Being efficient.  Making bullet-point lists and completing all of the tasks pleases me.
  • Cooking.  Mainly because I like eating. 
  • Favorite restaurant:  Proof  I am over the wine, cheese, and food.  It’s really about the great memories I’ve made there (and continue to make).
  • Obsessing over spot removal.  I carry a Tide to Go instant Stain Remover at all times.  I’ve been a true believer since I used one to get rid of a wine spill (an entire glass).
  • Preparing for the zombie apocalypse.  I have totally thought about all the ways to
    fortify my home and keep a running list of the things I would get during the initial looting.

You can follow me on Twitter @Think_P_Smart and check out my
archives at http://www.ThinkPrettySmart.com.



Sojourner Verdad

Lord, this is more stressful than filling out a Match.com profile!  So this is the part where I’m supposed to insert some clever opening statement to hook you in.  Eh.  I got nothing.

At any rate, I am a city girl with a country swirl currently residing comfortably south of the Atlanta perimeter.  I always like to remind people that I am a native ATLien.  This means that while I frequently hike Stone Mountain and you can find me at the Georgia Dome or Philips Arena rooting for my Hawks and Falcons, I also like to randomly yell out “Now who else wanna eff with Hollywood Court???”  in public for no reason.

I tried to look at my Netflix que to find some of my likes/dislikes, but my que was filled with movies about serial killers, vampires and Asian horror sooooooo…..  *sigh*

I do enjoy laughing, writing, bellydancing and shooting the breeze with my friends.   This is the perfect place for me to do 3 out of 4.   Ms. Smart told me I am not allowed to belly dance on cam.  Hmph.

PS  Call me SoJo.   All my friends do.  🙂

Come visit me over at phYINomenal ,  Sojourner’s Verdad or follow me on Twitter at @SoJoXOXO and tel me what Self Care Is to you!!  Use the hashtag #SelfCareIs.