95: Scared of Lonely

We are halfway finished with Season 2 of Being Mary Jane. What’s our favorite storyline? Who do we want to see more of? Less of? Are we fed up or all in? Listen to our mid-season review to find out our thoughts.

Tune in to Lady Buddha, Ms. Think Pretty Smart and Sojourner Verdad as they discuss everything from current events, relationships, education, politics and entertainment, all with a feminine twist! Episodes are also available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, TuneIn Radio and Podomatic.
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94: #RaceTogether Fall Apart

What’s the best way to respond to your barista when she inquires about your thoughts on race relations? How do we stop our young girls from being “fourfiveseconds from wildin'”? Listen to this week’s show to find out.

93: TV Talk

Ms. Smart and SoJo are joined by resident sports expert, KimbaFuzz, as they revisit the entertainment industry’s blind eye to the age of consent, the variety of black actors and actresses on television, binge watching etiquette and why Claire Underwood only recently had her very first date. PS Next time your auntie tells you there aren’t any black folk on television, show her The A-Z Black TV Viewing Guide by KimbaFuzz.

92: Keeping Up With the Kardashians

What can we say? There is never a dull moment in Kardashi-land and this week was no exception. Did Nori truly have a “meltdown” at Kanye’s fashion show or was social media overreacting? What does the family think about Tyga and Kylie? Which side did your favorite celeb take during the Khloe vs. Amber Rose standoff? At what age did Bruce Jenner allegedly know that he wanted to be a woman? Is Ray J OK?

91: Mary, Mary! Why You Bugging?

“Chick Lit and glossy mags got people looking for emotional salvation externally. Nobody can give you closure but you.” ~Ms. ThinkPrettySmart No goldfish were harmed during the taping of this podcast. Can Mary Jane Paul say the same? The ladies discuss the season two premiere of Being Mary Jane and more.

90: @2Chainz For Mayor

Despite a few technical echo difficulties (and no, it was not ENTIRELY SoJo’s fault *side-eyes Lady Buddha & Ms. Smart*), the ladies discussed:

0:00-7:28 Are You Ready To Throw Down?
7:28-15:22 Feedback
15:22-29:30 Tauheed Epps for College Park (GA) or Nah?
29:30-45:03 Legal/Financial Tips for Aging Parents
45:03-1:10:44 Generational Differences In a New Era of Civil Rights
1:10:44-1:16:40 Cheers!

89: #WWMPod Reviews #BeingMaryJane Pt. 4

Lady Buddha, Ms. Think Pretty Smart and Sojourner Verdad review BET and Mara Brock Akil’s Being Mary Jane Season 1 (Episodes 7-8), plus the ladies give their Season 2 predictions.

7: Blindsided (00:00-32:04)
8: Uber Love (32:04-1:17:30)
9: Bonus – Predictions (1:17:30-1:25:55)

88: Mascara Manifestations

The ladies discuss everything from the strategic practices of women who “plot” to capture their man to the mayoral aspirations of 2Chainz. Now that you have visualized your goal, how do you achieve it?

87: #WWMPod Reviews #BeingMaryJane Pt. 3


Lady Buddha, Ms. Think Pretty Smart and Sojourner Verdad review BET and Mara Brock Akil’s Being Mary Jane Season 1 (Episodes 4-6).

4: Mixed Messages (00:00-35:04)
5: Exposed (35:04-1:06:34)
6: Hindsight is 20/40 (1:06:34-1:48:14)

STAY TUNED FOR PART 4 (Episodes 6-8 + Season 2 Predictions)

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86: #WWMPod Reviews #BeingMaryJane Pt. 2

Lady Buddha, Ms. Think Pretty Smart and Sojourner Verdad review BET and Mara Akil Brock’s Being Mary Jane Season 1 (Episodes 1-3).

1: Storm Advisory (00:00-36:31)
2: Girls Night In (36:31-1:14:31)
3: The Huxtables Have Fallen (1:14:31-1:38:25)

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