109: Girl Talk

Yes, we are having girl talk on this episode but fellas you can listen in too!

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108: Make That Change

From resume building and networking to personal growth. Are you ready to make that change?

Tune in to Lady Buddha, Ms. Think Pretty Smart and Sojourner Verdad as they discuss everything from current events, relationships, education, politics and entertainment, all with a feminine twist! Episodes are also available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, TuneIn Radio and Podomatic.
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107: When Venus Retrogrades In The Dirty South

Friend of the show and astrology expert, Samuel F. Reynolds, joins the show once again to discuss Venus in Retrograde and its parallels to racial injustice, Cosby foolery and the police PR machine.

Venus Retrograde Cycles of Injustice

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105: #GoBlackGirlGo

Black girls have been making waves, inspiring hope and being unapologetically Black. All we can say is, #GoBlackGirlGo.

104: 12 Years a Liar

Are we living through the world’s longest episode of Punk’d? Sojo says maybe so. Listen to the ladies examine Rachel Dolezal and the pearly gates of Blackness, the tragic Charleston massacre, advice from Minister Farrakhan and more.

103: Nothing But The Truth

“Speak your truth, even if your voice shakes, your knees buckle, and the earth trembles beneath you. You will be okay. In fact you will be better than okay. Stand by your principles and the truth will surely set you free.” ~Kemmy Nola

We are getting into the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

102: When Mercury Is In Retrograde

When mercury is in retrograde, we call on our friend and astrology expert, Samuel F. Reynolds to help us make sense of it all!

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101: Class Is Now In Session

Grab your notebooks, pens and pencils. The ladies break down the basics of confidence, choosing friendships and femininity.